Gravity conveyors are non-powered and utilize gravity or other external force to move products. They are typically installed on a decline so that the product can move on its own power, or they may be installed parallel to the ground and pushed by operators. The conveyors are easy to install and relocate since they do not contain motorized parts. Their versatility and ease have resulted in gravity conveyors becoming the most commonly used conveyor in the world.


Ball Transfer Table

Ball transfer tables are used to manually rotate or correctly position products. They are utilized at work stations or for applications that require quick, easy handling of product. They are also installed when more than two conveyor lines converge and packages must be transferred from one line to another.

Conveyor Chute

Chutes are used to transport products to a lower level. They are built as straight or spiral shaped and offer an economical and safe way for lowering products from higher platforms. The conveyors are able to handle different types of products/packaging at the same time and are self-clearing.

Hytrol Transportation Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors are commonly used to carry lightweight packages, but they can also be used in pallet handling applications. The conveyors can run parallel to the floor or can be mounted at a decline. They can also be built with curves of 30, 45, and 90 degrees.​

Skatewheel Conveyors

Skatewheel conveyors consist of stainless steel or aluminum wheels built into the channel frame and spaced apart from each other. They allow products to easily flow, and their lightweight design allows them to easily be relocated. The conveyors can be constructed as a straight, curve, or spur conveyor.​


Heavy-Duty Gravity Roller Conveyor

Heavy-duty gravity roller conveyors use rollers or ball transfer tables to transport pallets or other heavy loads. They provide an economic material handling solution and are easy to install and relocate since they do not contain motorized parts.

Expandable Conveyors

Expandable conveyors are accordion-style gravity skatewheel or roller conveyors that are able to expand up to four times their collapsed size. They are used for trailer loading and unloading in shipping and receiving. The flexible design allows them to be maneuvered to fit any warehouse layout.